Bobbin Triple Play Centre

Bobbin Triple Play Centre 3Bobbin Triple Play Centre 1Bobbin Triple Play Centre 2Bobbin Triple Play Centre 4

This Bobbin Triple Play Centre from Three Pears is a 3 in 1 design, which can change from baby play centre to toddler activity table and table-and-chair set.  There are 5 adjustable height settings to ensure enough room as your baby grows.  One of the design I like most is that it allows 360 degree rotation while encouraging movement and interaction with the surroundings.

Smart and modern design always has a price tag to match.  But this design is good for babies from 4-month to 6/7-year-old (or even older), maybe it’s worth to do such investment for your little one.  By the way, it is made in Canada with sturdy wood that responsibly harvested as certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.  Isn’t it a good chance to teach your baby/kid about green living and eco friendly by creating a non-toxic nursery environment?

Bobbin Triple Play Centre: $650.00 

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