Herbs Seed Bombs

seed bomb herbs

Handmade in USA by Cincinnati design studio VisuaLingual, these ready-to-grow Herbs Seed Bombs can beautify your garden with 5 different herbs, namely basil, dill, cilantro, chives and parsley.  Simply throw and grow.  Spring is around the corner, get your green thumb ready, it’s gardening time!

Price for Herbs Seed Bombs: $8.95

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  1. Ashley says: Reply

    Simple, easy, I like it! I would actually do this, especially for those fantastic herbs mentioned.

  2. Karen E Hill says: Reply

    That’s not a bad price either! Bombs away!

  3. Rajesh says: Reply

    Avary Carpenter – Fran and favorite daddy evrrer! i absolutely love your dress Fran. It is so gorgeous and you looked beautiful too. i love the picture of you Fran where you are putting on your dress and julie is doing it up and you are straight up laughin hahaanywho i loved the wedding and these pictures are wonderful!I LOVE YALL, love avary

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